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Pingju Excerpt Performance

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About Pingju

Pingju is originated in Jingdong and Tangshan of China. Its lyrics and dialogue come close to the spoken language, and is characterized by its all-rounded vocals. Pingju is admired by audience of all walks of life because of its easy and down-to-earth lyrics. Since the 1950s, Pingju has experienced a rapid development that not only traditional plays, but also modern plays be staged in Pingju theatres.

About Programme

The three pieces selected in the Pingju Excerpt Performance are traditional, yet have sustained their popularity. Flowers are the Matchmaker is a romantic comedy; The Apology of Bao Zheng is a well-known story about an honest and upright legendary figure; and Reunion at the Well is a heart stirring story about war and reunion. Led by the national first-class performers and winners of the Plum Blossom Award, don't miss out if you want to experience the diversity of Pingju!

3.8.2014(Sun) | 7:30 PM
Grand Theatre, Sunbeam Theatre

$260, $180, $120, $80

Excerpt Performance:
Flowers are the Matchmaker
The Apology of Bao Zheng
Li Sanniang

*Approximately 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission. Lyrics with Chinese and English subtitles.

About Arts Group

Shenzhen Century Opera Arts Institute

Established on July 2012, the Institute is a research institute which specializes in opera arts. The Institute is also responsible for theory study, art heritage, script writing and adaptation, performance and arts education.